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in baltimore county. mitt romney is fresh off a victory especially yesterday's illinois primaries and he is looking to solidify his place at the front of the pack. in this morning's campaign 2012 report wjz and monique griego are live at the american legion where romney will be later today. good morning, monique. >> reporter: good morning, don. and good morning, everyone. romney will host the town hall meeting here later today, looking to build on his win last night in illinois. [ cheers ] >> thank you guys. >> reporter: mitt romney scores another victory with a convincing win in illinois. >> what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: now romney will look to build on that momentum when he makes a campaign stop at the american legion. romney saturated the airwaves and cnn reports a proromney superpack has spent nearly half a million dollars buying airtime in maryland. >> we know our future is brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. >> reporter: romney has a
ann's county. here is what people will be talking about. mitt romney picking up 20 delegates over the weekend. romney and rick santorum are now taking the race to illinois. >> reporter: mitt romney will carry more momentum in to the primary contest, he celebrated another win, easily capturing all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. rom any spoke to supporters in illinois, polls show he is locked in a tight battle. the state holds its primary tomorrow. as romney gain as bigger league, his wife is calling on republicans to end the fight for the nomination. >> it's time to get behind one candidate and get the job done to move onto the next job, bringing us one step closer to defeating barack obama. three contenders say they are not going anywhere. santorum says romney hasn't proven he is a good enough candidate. >> somebody had a huge advantage, money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support, and he hasn't been able to close the deal. >> reporter: santorum spent yesterday in louisiana, which votes this weekend. he will join romney in illinois today, to court voter whose are stil
will be talking about, rick santorum closing the gap on mitt romney. he won in those states with romney placing third. here is duarte geraldino for wjz. >> reporter: rick santorum pulled off a sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> reporter: he told supporters with they will keep his momentum going. >> next week we will come back hire and expect a huge win. >> reporter: he won alabama and mississippi with the help of conservative voters and women. he says the results will reshape the republican field. >> it will help the conservatives. >> reporter: they continue to split the conservative vote. despite lutzing the former speaker says he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> alabama and mississippi allocate their delegates proportionately so gingrich, santorum and romney all added to their totals but romney still holds a significant lead. romney lost both states yesterday, partly because he wasn't able to rally the conservative base. the f
are talking about today. a supertuesday victory for mitt romney. he won 6 out of ten contests for the race for the republican presidential nomination. tyler thaz has the latest. >> mitt romney squeaked out a win in ohio. >> he ear counting up the delegates for the convention, it looks good and we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> with supertuesday victories in five other states he's already talking like the gop nominee. >> as president i will get our economy back on track and get our citizens back to work. and unlike president obama i actually have the experience to deliver on that promise. >> evan jell cal voters helped santorum finish on top in tennessee and oklahoma. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south, and we're ready to win across this country. >> the candidates will divide up the supertuesday delegates. they are chasing the magic number to clinch the nomination, 1144. romney leads. santorum's camp wants to frame this is a two-man contest with romney saying conservatives would rally behind the former senator if newt gingrich cal
is considered the biggest prize of this super tuesday. what is at stake. >> reporter: mitt romney cane pad hard hours before the polls open, asking voters to carry him to victory. >> that you know so much. >> reporter: romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. >> thank you. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator had a lead there, but it started to fade after romney's three-state sweep last week. rick santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i will make the argument that it's going to be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: ohio is considered the biggest prize today because it's a battleground state in the general election. romney says he is the candidate who can win come november. >> what we need to talk about is getting jobs and stealing back government. >> reporter: mitt romney and ron paul have a decide advantage here in virginia today. they are the only two republican presidential candidates who qualified to be on the state ballot. ron paul expects to do well in caucus state, especially idaho. >>> we have a good chance at winning. and i expect it will be one of the best
transcends that, freedom. >> mitt romney tried to capitalize on it. >> one of them said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. i do care. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> the latest poll shows romney with a 14 point lead over santorum heading into today's illinois primary and romney is showing confidence in a win. >> together we are going to get this job done. i am going to get the nomination, we are going to defeat barack obama and take back this great country. >> romney has an advantage even before the polls open, santorum didn't file the necessary paperwork in four districts, making him him in in eligible for 10. >> cbs news says romney has 493 of the 1144 of the delegates needed. >>> this is the first day of the cherry blossom thanks to mother nature. they are blooming earlier than expected because of our mild winter weather. the average peak bloom date is normally april the 4th but this year's peak starts today. the cherry blossom festival also begins today and runs through april the 27th. >>> turning to sports t
will be here today and ron paul will be here on wednesday. mitt romney visited last week. 37 delegates are up for grabs in maryland's april 3rd primary next tuesday. >>> and republican presidential candidate santorum snaps at a "new york times" reporter after a question about his criticism of front runner mitt romney. >> he is the worst republican in the country. to put up against barack obama. >> the reporter asked santorum to explain what he meant. the senator shot back by telling him to stop lying about what he said. santorum stated his remark against romney was taken out of context and was specific to romney's ideas on health care. romney currently leads the republican delegate race. >>> a new bill is passed by the maryland state senate expanding gapping here. the senate approved allowing maryland gambling to include table games like blackjack and roulette. the bill would pave the way for a six state casino license. this one in prince george's county. that would have to be voted on by maryland citizens. >>> if you're feeling lucky or not, you might want to buy a megamillions ticket today.
and promise. mitt romney again ignored republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> i'm waiting to hear what the jobs plan is. how he is going the make america competitive and put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates on super tuesday and newt gingrich territory. the house speaker served the state in congress for 20 years. >> and says it's a must win. >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best reputeuate you. >> reporter: rick santorum expects to do well in the south. he and newt gingrich are after the same conservative voters. >> it's harder when you got two conservative candidates running in the race, we have seen it in washington and other states, we have the antiromney vote for example you will, both newt gingrich and i are slugging away. >> reporter: santorum sp romney locked in a tight race in ohio. it's a general election battleground. new poll shows santorum leading romney by just two points. ohio is one of ten states up for grabs tuesday. with more than 400 delegates at stake, republicans could see their nominee emerge from the contests
tomorrow. mitt romney continues to lead but rick santorum hopes a strong showing will force newt gingrich out of the race although he is hoping for a two man run santorum says he won't ask him to step aside. >> i didn't ask speaker gingrich to get in, i am not going to ask him to get out. >> we are going to get a lot of delegates and the odds are pretty good we will win them. >> romney won the wyoming caucuses while santorum took kansas. romney has 454, 1100 are needed to get the nomination. here in maryland tomorrow is the last day to vote for the primary which takes place on april the third. >>> frank robinson is recovering after a health scare in l.a. he received medical attention during the game twin the between the lakers and the celtics, he felt dizzy and was escorted out by medical technicians, he is resting at home and should make a full recover. >>> the greyhounds have a tough task in front of them as they first face the ohio state buckeyes, adam may has more on the hound's first bid in almost two decades. >> good morning, the men's basketball team learns their opponent in the fi
lead over mitt romney. but the survey also reveals 73% of those polled think it's romney who will end up clinching the nomination. >> watch out for that rain. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor didn't let the weather stop him from campaigning in mobile, alabama monday. >> you know if you few that washington is a -- think that washington is a mess i hope you send me there so i can fix it. >> reporter: romney is looking to pull off at least one victory in the south today to prove he can win over voters and carry very conservative states. in washington, duarte geraldino, wjz eyewitness news. >> and today is the last day for marylanders who aren't already registered to vote to do so before the april 3rd primary here. >>> this morning thousands of students are protesting against the united states on the streets of afghanistan. this is the first demonstration since reports of a soldier gunning down afghan civilians. they are killing death to america. also this morning, taliban militants have fired on an afghan government delegation killing one and wounding at least two others. >
's the responsibility of recipients to inform them of changes. >>> romney is pulling away from the pack after a strong showing on supertuesday. >> we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> cbs news estimates romney now has 391 delegates. more than half of his challengers combined. meantime santorum is battling to win over voters. ron paul will be in kansas today, his focus remains on caucus states. >>> virginia governor signs a controversial abortion bill into law. it will require ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion. the bill was changed from an earlier version that would have required a more invasive procedure after a nationwide backlash. >>> the acc tournament kicks off in just a few hours and the basketball team is looking to salvage what's been a disappointing season so far. >> everything that we learned in the acc season we can use for this tournament and i mean, we're going in there with the mind set that we want to win it. and our goals haven't changed. >> t
reports with the very latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: mitt romney tried to win over the voters. >> i'm learning to say yall. >> reporter: he did not do well in the south four years ago and admits he hads a -- he has a battle. but he picked up a key endorsement. he is trying to tap into the issues impacting the economy blaming the president for rising gas prices. >> this is in part his fault. this is a guy who has slowed down as i'm sure you know, the licensing and permitting of off shore rigs. onshore drilling. >> and newt gingrich's campaign said the former speaker needs wins in alabama and mississippi to stay competitive. and newt gingrich was optimistic on tuesday. >> when we win here and in alabama we'll be up again. >> the super pac supporting rick santorum is urging newt gingrich to drop out t is spending more on ads. trying to give the former senator of pennsylvania an edge for tuesday's primary. >> rick santorum said that he is the conservative they should rally behind. >> first and second on tuesday. i think that will be a big win for us and hopefully get th
treatment she was charged and will be taking that to court later this month. >>> mitt romney is winning the support of former leaders, including george h.w. bush. >> i think it is time to get behind this good man. >> it is a sign they are wrapping up and turning their attention to barack obama. >>> rick santorum is still campaigning hard there and here of course. >>> they rejected his call for end subsidies for gas companies, it comes as gas prices continues to climb. it now stands at 3.92. the president points out they make 200 million in extra profit for every penny the price goes up. >>> speaking of big profits and big money, by the end of the day someone could be half a billion dollars richer. wjz and weijia jiang are live outside a local convenience store where everybody is still buzzing about a record megamillions jackpot that seems to grow bigger by the hour. good morning, f. >> reporter: good morning. people across the country are of course scrambling to get their tickets, especially here at the farm store we have seen a lot of people and i am guessing they are also trying the
you can vote. >> maryland's 37 republican delegates are up for grabs and while mitt romney is leading the delegate count he visited last week hoping to guarantee a win here, but newt gingrich and rick san sap are also hoping to garner attention with visits to maryland scheduled for tuesday. and with early voting, which started on saturday, marylanders have more time to have their say. >> it does give people the opportunity, more of a choice to come out for six additional days. plus you do have the absentee process. and then you have primary election day. >> reporter: early voting continues this monday through thursday, from 10:00 to 8:00. and since this race is far from over, eager voters hope marylanders will make a difference. >> many of our elections have proven to have low counts of people coming out. i hope this -- this will help. >> reporter: rick santorum will be coming to maryland with some momentum. he won louisiana's primary over the weekend. >> thank you very much, andrea. >>> to find an early voting center near you simply go to wjz.com. >>> turning to sports, the final 4 i
and mitt romney visited the area last week. >>> today is the last chance to cast your ballot ahead of the primary. the early voting period ends at excuse me 8:00 tonight, this is the first time. the winner gets all the 37 delegates. >>> in sports he has earned security after this team's run. according to our partner the sun he has offered and agreed to a extension. they won a record 24 games on their way to a conference title. by all means don't forget the final 4 tips off. you can see it all here. kentucky will meet louisville at 6:00, big rivalry there, then it is followed by kansas and ohio state, again all the action live right here on wjz 13 -- >> -- here -- >> -- louisville playing kentucky is kind of like baltimore playing maryland. >> yeah, the distance would be about the same i think. >> yeah, kind of crazy. but it is going to be a big weekend nonetheless. >> it should by. >> not a bad weekend at least on saturday to stay in and watch games. i know last weekend i don't think a lot of folks -- well there are a lot of outdoor plans, of course you can't rule that out but a l
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